If You’re Making Even 1 of these 7 Deadly Sins of Interviewing Then You’re Never Going to Discover What Happened

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Learn This Exit Tip

How to avoid poisoning the well so you get the whole story…and not just the one they think you want to hear

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Hi, I’m veteran private detective John A. Hoda and if your statements need to explain what happened then you need my free report to know…

“My techniques work.  I’ve seen them completely transform the way even the most hardboiled detectives conduct an interview. Once they discover how much more effective and efficient these methods are they never go back to their old ways.


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What any Boy Scout knows about interviewing… and every TV cop gets totally wrong

What is Poisoning The Well

Why the interview isn’t over when you think it is and the thing you absolutely must do before you leave.

Boyscouts Know More Than Police

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