If You Make Just 1 of These 7 Deadly Interviewing Sins… You Will Never Find Out What Really Happened 

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Learn What Not to Do

Why every TV cop show interview gets it wrong and if you ask questions like you see on TV you’ll never get answers you need.


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In our jobs and our personal lives there comes a time when we all need to find out “What Happened”.  Before you start asking questions make sure you don’t make any of these interview killing mistakes.

My techniques work.  I’ve seen them completely transform the way even the most hardboiled detectives conduct an interview. Once they discover how much more effective and efficient these methods are they never go back to their old ways.


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How to avoid “Poisoning The Well” so you know you’re getting the real story and not just the one they think you want to hear.

What is Poisoning The Well

The surprising reason you can learn more  about interviewing from the Boy Scouts than you can from the Police.

Boyscouts Know More Than Police

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Veteran Private Detective John A. Hoda teaches you…

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